Wednesday, July 06, 2005


looking at my room .. i am not a very tidy/clean persOn .. and i usually dOn't put back the things which i have use back tO its Original place .. so .. its gets messier day by day .. then .. befOre i knOw it .. its mess up big time .. what i wOuld do then is clean the whOle rOOm all over again .. the better way? i shOuld just clean to put the stuff i use back in its place everytime i use it

frOm the abOve metaphor :

i nOtice that in many instances in my life .. i wants to click the refresh button and start it all again .. everything new again .. i want God to clean my sin-list and give me a blank page .. i want to restart my daily walk with him .. i want it 2 be all new .. but .. i guess thats the problem with me .. always wanting to refresh .. perfection .. one may call it .. the better way? i would say .. just move on from where u are now .. stop refreshing and start clicking the links so 2 speak .. thats the thing i am trying 2 be/do ..

::: something real n yet we dOn't think:::

whats a Christian ?
a disciple of Christ
a relatiOnship with GOd

whats a disciple of Christ ?
tO be like-Christ

hOw 2 be like Him/how to have a relatiOnship with God?
spend time with Him (devOtion.. study the bible .. prayer .. wOrshiping .. etc)

if u can't spend time with GOd daily/at least few day once .. then i guess ___________ (fill in the blanks urself)

** i guess mOst peOple On earth just can't dO it **

its because we dOn't see/feel/truely understand the impOrtants Of it ..

i leave yOu peOple with this:
until yOu start living yOur life On earth in light Of eternity, yOu will definitely screw it up
"remodified frOm the purpOse driven life bOOk "

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

time warp

tuesday, July 5th. 2005
week 4 of 1st trimester of final year

time has past since the last ..
lOst cOunt ..
never tOt i wOuld be back ..
nOnetheless ..
here i am ..

have i fOund the meaning of my existence ..
have anything change ..
well ..
+ n -

but ..

On the bright side ..
its a new day ..
its a new trimester ..
its a new life ..
fOr the better ..
i hOpe ..

Friday, January 14, 2005


way too much had happen ..
until my little brain cant comprehend it anymore ..
all burden lifted .. naih ..
the atmosphere changes from morning to nite ..
from the all is good .. to the all is bad n rotten ..
i dunno wat is wat anymore ..
am i lost ..
or found ..
still then ..

but .. this is the end
for now .. for now ..

a permanent vacation is needed ..
ciao ..

Monday, January 10, 2005

on motion

its a new beginning again ..
or is it ..
peace is the word of the day ..
happy comes along from within ..
or of a sudden ..
nothing before this matter much anymore ..
all the burden lifted ..
is this for real ..

Sunday, January 09, 2005


n.u.m.b v.e.r.s.i.o.n 2

time to blog ..
more than 20 over days oredi ..
keep way to much ..
hard to re-live the moment ..
so much to edit ..
lazy ..
secret ..
truth ..
blogging ..
meaningless ..

Saturday, January 08, 2005

1 word


Monday, January 03, 2005

presence of God

woke up 8plus ..
aikss !!
overslept ..
mati a ..
stage crew must be at hall at 8 ..

reach the mph late ..
ei .. so little ppl here .
aiks .. rehearsel start at 10 ..
8 is just to clean up stuff ..
wanna die now !!
tuuuuuu ..
stupid shen shee ..
tipu me .. :-l

church ..
pastor semangat us to worship ..
stuffs & all ..
during worship .. he said that he can feel the presence of the Lord ..
then after some time ..
he call for a guy .. saying tat God review to him .. tat something that needs to ne say by this guy ..
the guy came out ..
n said tat .. during the worship ..
he saw this figure ..
walking around the room ..
touching life ..
are u willing 2 be touch ?

my head .. ::
meain for a christian ?
presence of god ?
a figure walkin ?
unholy relationship ?
cohabiting ?